Tuna sandwich with mayonnaise

Tuna sandwich with mayonnaise:


8 slices of toast or long bread
2 cans of tuna, drained of oil
4 tablespoons of mayonnaise
° salt as desired
° teaspoon black pepper
2 sliced ​​green peppers
° 2 onions, cut into small slices
° 5 slices of burger cheese or any other cheese
2 tomatoes, sliced ​​or less

How to prepare :

Bring a bowl and put tuna in it with salt, pepper, mayonnaise, green pepper, and chopped onions, and mix them together well.
Soak the toast in eggs or milk, lower the heat, and leave it until golden brown.
Put the stuffing in four pieces of toast, and on top of it a piece of tomato, and in the other four, put cheese slices.
Cover a little.
Place the piece of toast that contains cheese on top of the piece that contains the filling and leave it until it turns brown on both sides.

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