Summer Hot Tomato Sauce

Summer Hot Tomato Sauce

Ingredients :

° Tomatoes: 3 grains (medium size, cut into large pieces)

° tomato sauce tablespoon

° Coriander and green mint: half a cup (chopped)

° black pepper splash

° olive oil 1 tbsp

° hot pepper 1 piece (red or green / chopped)

° Garlic: 3 cloves (chopped)

° salt as desired

° Water: half a cup (optional / to reduce the density of the mixture)

How to prePare :

In an electric blender, put tomatoes, hot peppers, and garlic.

Add salt, black pepper, oil and tomato sauce.

Mix the ingredients with an electric mixer to get a thick mixture.

Pour water as needed and add green coriander.

Mix again to obtain a sauce of the desired consistency.

Put the sauce in the fridge and then serve it.

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