Moroccan Rafisa


Chicken and broth:

  ° My whole chicken

  3 large onions

° a bundle of parsley a bundle of coriander

° A teaspoon of ghee

° A cup of olive oil and vegetable oil

4° minced garlic cloves

   1° cup of lentils

° tablespoon ring

  ° teaspoon salt

° half a teaspoon of black pepper

° teaspoon turmeric

° teaspoon ginger

° teaspoon saffron

° teaspoon Moroccan spices (ras el hanout)

  Ingredients for making tarida or loaf:

  ° Half a kilo of yellow flour

  ° Half a teaspoon of yeast

° Half a kilo of white flour

° half a teaspoon of salt

° Water method

  Rafisa preparation:

  First of all, we start by preparing the tarideh dough. Mix the yellow flour with the white flour, salt, sugar and a little yeast. Gradually add water and start kneading until the dough becomes smooth. Then divide the dough into small balls the size of a tennis ball, and add a smear of oil to each ball. Place the dough balls in a tray, spaced apart, cover them, and leave them aside to rest. After that, prepare the chicken, bring a large plate or bowl and put the minced garlic, spices and all the onions, and stir all the ingredients together. Put the chicken in the previous seasoning and make sure to wipe the whole chicken with the seasoning, then cover it and let it soak in the seasoning for half an hour in the fridge. Take out the chicken and put it in a pot over a low heat, add the oil and the onions cut into small pieces. Add the lentils to the chicken, then the parsley and coriander, cover the pot and let the chicken cook. Now take out the tarideh dough, and start rolling out the balls on a surface sprinkled with oil, and spread them out so that they are circular and very thin. Put the leaves on the stove and so on until they are cooked. Take out the chicken, brush it with butter, and put it in the oven to brown. After that, prepare a large plate for serving, and start cutting the truffle into medium slices, and put it on the plate. Pour the rest of the chicken stock over the broth, then put the chicken on the stock. You can add boiled egg slices to decorate