the components :

  ° A quarter of a kilogram of butter, at room temperature.

° A quarter of a kilogram of ground sugar.

° Half a kilogram of flour.

° A small cup of crushed almonds.

How to prepare :

  Mix the butter and sugar with an electric or manual mixer, then add the flour gradually with the use of your fingers, until the dough becomes soft and sticky, and can be easily rolled into balls. Take a small amount of the dough, roll it between the palms, then put this dough in the palm of your left hand, bending it, and with your right hand, rotate the ball until it takes the form of a swirl, with a flattened bottom and a pyramid at the top. Scatter the almond powder on each piece, and place it on a baking sheet. Insert the sheets into a preheated oven at a medium temperature for ten minutes. The candy pieces must remain white, and the bottom tends to be pink, and they can be kept for several days in glass or metal utensils. To make it easier for the almonds to stick to the sticks, you can wet them with water before spraying them.

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