Deer heel

  Filling ingredients:

° Half a kilogram of peeled almonds.

  250 ° of sugar.

° Half a cup of blossom water.

° 50 g of melted butter.

° A little bit of each: cinnamon and musk.

  Ingredients for the dough:

600° f white flour.

° half a teaspoon of salt.

° two eggs.

° A third of a cup of melted butter.

9° teaspoons of blossom water.

How to prepare:

Mix the almonds in a bowl. Pour the almonds, sugar, cinnamon, moussaka, and orange blossom water and mix. We form the mixture into longitudinal fingers, then leave it aside until we want it. Mix the butter, blossom water, flour, salt, and eggs in a bowl until the dough becomes cohesive. We divide the dough into four parts, then cover it with a plastic bag, and leave it aside until it rests. We spread the sections of the dough on a floured surface, then add the filling, and then form it in the shape of a crescent. Put the deer heels in a tray designated for the oven, using parchment paper, then put it in a medium-heat oven for a quarter of an hour, or until it acquires a golden color.

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