chicken sandwich

the components:

 ° A tablespoon of olive oil
 ° Four large pieces of chicken breast cut into small cubes.
 ° One medium-sized onion cut into wings.
° Two mashed cloves of garlic.
° A large sweet green pepper cut into thin slices.
° A tablespoon of: vinegar, two tablespoons of mayonnaise. ¼ teaspoon of black pepper. A teaspoon of each: mustard paste, salt, spices to taste, and soft coriander.
° appropriate amount of chopped lettuce.
° Tomatoes cut into slices.

How to prepare:

 Take a wide frying pan and put the oil in it over a low heat until it gets hot. We put the chicken pieces and flip it for a few minutes until it dries out of the water and is completely cooked. Add the green pepper, garlic and onion to the chicken and stir well until the mixture is tender. Add mayonnaise and vinegar to the chicken, then stir the ingredients together for one to three minutes. Add the coriander, spices, black pepper, and salt to the chicken, then stir it with the spices for two minutes, until combined. Remove the chicken from the heat, then prepare bread and open it from one side, leaving the other side sticking as it is. We put several slices of chopped lettuce on the inside of the bread, then put a good amount of the chicken mixture on top of it, then put the tomato slices in the sandwich.

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