Casserole with meat, plums and almonds


the components:

° Three tablespoons of olive oil.

2° kilo of meat, cut into 8 pieces

° A teaspoon each of (black pepper, ginger. A small pinch of cumin.

° Two onions cut into slices.

° Two cloves of chopped garlic.

° cups of water.

° Fifteen grains of dried plum.

How to prepare:

Heat the olive oil in a thick saucepan, add the meat and brown lightly, add the spices, onions and garlic. Add the water, cover the pot, and leave it on low heat for an hour, until the meat is tender. Add the figs and leave on low heat for half an hour, then remove the pot from the heat, and leave for five minutes to cool before serving, then decorate it with almonds

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