Beef burger

the components:

 Four pieces of hamburger bun.

° Four slices of meat.

° A grain of tomato explained into large thin slices.

° sweet green pepper.

° pickled cucumber.

° French fries.

° slices of cheddar cheese.

° Three fried eggs.

° ketchup. mayonnaise.

How to prepare :

 We fry potatoes, steaks, and eggs. Mix it with mayonnaise. We explain tomatoes and pickled cucumbers. We prepare the burger bread, put lettuce and mayonnaise in it, then put the pickled cucumber, then the fried potatoes, then ketchup, a circle of tomatoes, a piece of meat, then a piece of cheddar cheese, and a fried egg, and finally we cover the sandwich with a layer of bread. We arrange the burger sandwiches in plates, and serve them with a glass of soft drink.

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