chicken soup

Quantities :

° 2 tablespoon butter

° Half a kilo of chicken cubes

° half a spoonful of salt

° half a spoonful of black pepper

° chopped onion

° 3 cloves of garlic

° 4 tablespoon flour

° 5 cup of chicken broth

° 5 teaspoon chopped parsley

° 2 teaspoon chopped mint

° 5 teaspoon chopped coriander

° 3 teaspoon olive oil

Chicken soup method:

Fry the chicken cubes in butter until they change color.

Add onions, garlic, salt and pepper and mix well.

Add the flour and broth and stir well, then add the mixture to a low heat until it boils and the chicken pieces are tender.

Mix the parsley, cilantro, and mint with a little broth.

Add the herbs to the soup, mix well, then leave it for 10 minutes only on the stove, then serve it.

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